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Newtest specializes in the testing of human and athletic performance. This complex area requires variety of high quality testing equipment, which are used in a variety of application areas for example in physical education, sport science education and research as well as in occupational health research.

We have chosen further to specialize in development of strength related testing. Therefore, with the Powertimers we have been producing the Newtest Force isometric strength testing product line. The Force has been targeted mainly to our domestic customers. We have recently determined that the Newtest Force needs to be available to our international customers as well for them to be able to utilize a very affordable and efficient strength testing system with product development of almost two decades.

Force Family diagram

Newtest Force

Newtest Force is a product family consisting of isometric force measuring devices for different parts of human body. With the Newtest Force you can measure trunk extension, flexion and rotation, leg extension, plantar flexion, neck extension and flexion, hand grip and lifting force. Newtest Force provides users with excellent repeatability and accuracy of results. Thanks to isometric measurement principle, it is also safe and very easy to use compared to many other strength measuring systems.

The Newtest Force measurement software further increases the efficiency and applicability of the measurement and testing performed with the Newtest Force dynamometers. For further information on the Newtest Force measurement software, click here.

Based on comprehensive scientific research: accurate and reliable

Newtest Force has been developed in close cooperation with leading scientists to fullfill their strictest demands for scientific research in fields of Sports Performance testing, Aviation, health promotion and effects of aging. After years of product development with researchers, Newtest Force is known to be reliable and trusted product family. The proof of that are the scientific reference articles.

Isometric measuring principle: simple construction, safe & easy to use

Thanks to isometric measuring principle, each Newtest Force device has simple mechanical construction. Use is therefore safe for the tested persons and measurement is well repeatable. Calibrating of each device can be done according to instructions included in the system delivery. If necessary, calibration can also be checked without help from outsiders. Furthermore, the test results are expressed in kg-scale on the amplifier`s display, which makes the immediate interpretation of results (peak force) to the athletes and patients very easy. No wonder that the Newtest Force is adopted to many sports institutes and other educational institutions offering sports science education. The Newtest Force makes a great tool for teaching force prodcution and the factors related to it.

Cost effective and excellent price-quality ratio

The modular design and complete upgradability allows the end/user to pick and choose the product modules and dynamometers he/she needs. The system can later be upgraded with additional dynamometers and amplifiers or measurement software. The system is very affordable compared to many other strength testing systems.

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Available product models and features
Module Frame Specification Type of transducer Nominal load
Trunk Force H·W·D 2060·600·600 mm Strain gauge transducer 200 kg
  Weight 70 kg    
  Height of the subject 0.6-2.2 m    
  Measurement capacity 200 kg    
Leg Force H·W·D 1300·550·2300 mm Shear beam transducer 1000 kg
  Weight 150 kg    
  Adjustment range 650 mm    
  Measurement capacity 1000 kg    
Neck Force H·W·D 200·500·500 mm Strain gauge transducer 200 kg
  Weight 6 kg    
  Height of the subject 0.6-2.2 m    
  Measurement capacity 200kg    
Lift Force H·W·D 70·35·10 mm Shear beam transducer 500 kg
  Weight 15 kg    
  Measurement capacity 500 kg    
Grip Force H·W·D 145·190·40 mm Strain gauge transducer 200 kg
  Weight 1 kg    
  Measurement capacity 200 kg    

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